Cancer of kidney           
Kidney and ureteral stones    
- Ureteral obstruction
Cancer of the bladder     
- Urinary incontinence              
Hematuria (Blood in the urine)        
Cancer of the prostate    
Enlargement of the prostate   
Urethral strictures                         
Cancer of the testicle
- Elevated PSA
Erectile Dysfunction
- Pediatric urology
Low testosterone


Dr. Rodin has staff privileges at 
Martin Memorial Hospital.

- Prostate biopsy
Urodynamic studies
- Laparoscopic kidney surgery
- Kidney Cryotherapy
- Shock wave lithotripsy
- Laser lithotripsy
Laser prostate surgery
Plasma Button Vaporization  
  Therapy of the Prostate
Percutaneous Tibial Nerve    
Botox for refractory overactive      bladder
- Testosterone Replacement 
  Therapy including Testopel

Some of the conditions treated and procedures performed are listed below:
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